The key to success: Make it Fun!

To engage the attention of children, Classroom YogaTM incorporates stories, games, imagery, music, movement, aromatherapy and meditation. Whenever possible we try to integrate yoga into the classroom curriculum. For example, when the children learn about the development of a butterfly or a frog, we develop a yoga class to reinforce the learning. You can imagine the series of yoga poses to demonstrate an egg becoming a caterpillar, forming a chrysalis hanging from a tree, and emerging into a beautiful butterfly. If the children are learning French or Spanish, we incorporate foreign language skills into the yoga practice. When the class learns about growing a garden, we use fresh mint, rosemary, or basil for aromatherapy during relaxation exercises. When learning the alphabet, we make the shapes of letters with our bodies.

Please preview the video for examples of how yoga reinforces classroom learning.

Benefits of yoga for children:

By introducing children to yoga, we give them a skill to:

  • release tension
  • build strength
  • increase flexibility
  • prevent injury
  • improve concentration
  • enjoy relaxation.

Yoga provides an excellent foundation for children to practice sports, dance, etc. It enhances children's ability to follow instructions and to focus. On days when weather prevents children from playing outdoors, yoga provides a physical release without any special equipment or preparation time. Yoga can be practiced in 20-30 minutes as a planned yoga class or can be enjoyed as a way to fill short time slots of 5-10 minutes. You may find the sample Classroom YogaTM lesson plan (approx. 30 minutes of practice) or YogabytesTM (approx. 10 minutes of practice) helpful in getting started.

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