"Yoga Journey Around the World," a video released in March 2004, shows how yoga can be integrated into imaginative classroom lessons or into fun playtime at home. Filmed in a pre-school, you'll see the children's happy faces as they enjoy yoga exercises which strengthen their bodies and quiet their minds.

In the video, you will find a 30-minute sample yoga class which takes children on a journey around the world. The children start off by doing the laundry and packing their bags. Then, they embark on a journey to the Americas, Africa, Middle East, and Asia where they meet donkeys, rabbits, lions, camels, elephants, etc. and do yoga poses to imitate the animals. At the end of the journey, you'll notice their peaceful expressions as the children settle down for rest and relaxation.

The video also includes YogabytesTM which are short yoga exercises to be used when you only have 5-15 minutes to practice yoga. Some of the children's favorite exercises are showcased: "Jumping Frog," "Making Letters," "Popcorn," and "Sleeping Snake."

"Yoga Journey Around the World" is available by mail:
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Video format: $20
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Teacher/Parent/Careprovider Kit $25
(includes the video and a 19 page video guide)

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